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 About Intlight                          
A professional lighting manufacturer in China
Intlight comprehensive successful range covers Modern lamps,Ceiling lamps,Pendant lamps, Table lamps/Floor lamps, Wall lights/Bathroom lamps,Crystal lamps, Children lights and Traditional lighting.The products are mainly sold to the markets of Southeast Asia , Occident, and identified by both clients and customers all over the world.
Sales & Service
We have set our sales strategy as High quality products, And competitive prices, we can provide with our customers full services: booking container, arranging for consolidation, receiving and disbursing payment on customers’ behalf, etc.
Quality Control
Depending on modern technology and facilities,we have established completequality assurance system,perfect quality supervising method and inspectingprocedures. From incoming materials,metal processing,polishing,coating,assembling,testing,packing,delivering.
 Recommend china-lightings
mirror lamp
Mirror front lamp
Intlight mirror front lamps that we carry come in such a diverse array of materials, shapes, patterns, colors, wattages. you are not only adding light to the room, but a dramatic piece of art on your wall as well.
pendant lamp
Pendant lamp
Intlight pendant lights are becoming one of the most popular lighting options due to their versatility and contemporary aesthetic.  These features to accommodate any room and decorating style.
crystal lamp
Crystal lamps
Intligh crystal lamps are dressed completely with lead crystals which has a lead oxide content of over 30% (Highest in the industry). With such a perfect crystal lamp your room will be more beutiful and elegance.

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