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[NO.4] Dateline:2008-6-27 11:44:05
Hello sirs ,
I am Alexander from Switzerland. I would like your modern simple design, Could you Pls E-mail some new items to me.

Yes,of course. I will send our new items to you by mail today. TKS!

[NO.3] Dateline:2008-6-24 20:01:59
I am Robert from Germany. I am interested in your children lights, Could you pls send some Pictures of your items to me? Waiting for your mail.Thanks in advance!

Dear Robert,
Thanks for your interesting in our lamps,I have sent some pictures of our children lights to you by mail.Please check it when you free.

[NO.2] Dateline:2008-6-7 18:59:57
Thats better than ever.

Thank you very much!
We will work more hard!

[NO.1] Dateline:2008-5-28 0:17:49
This is Jose from Germany.These lamps on the web are very nice ! I am interested in the items as following: M1238P-8 Series, could you please send a quotation for me? Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your enquiry!
We will send the quotation to you as soon as possible.

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